Pro 25: Wireless Handpiece/Device (Silver)


Wireless Freedom:

Use Pro25 wirelessly or wired, whichever you prefer.

Pro25 comes with two battery packs for wireless use and a click on connection cap for wired power.

Experience unparalleled convenience and flexibility in your creative process.


Tattoo power for PMU:

The Pro25 with 2.5 mm stroke length covers a wide range of tattoo and pmu techniques.

Work faster and with trauma-reduced color implantation. Suitable for lining and shading work.


Long-Lasting Power:

The Pro25 features an extended battery life up to 4 hours of solid performance.

Stay focused on your artistry without worrying about power constraints.


Made in Germany

The Pro25 offers reliable German craftmanship and Nouveau Contour quality at the most competitive pricing.