The warranty of Nouveau Contour devices and handpieces is 2 years. The warranty no longer applies if the customer is found at fault. A customer’s fault is an incorrect handling of the handpiece /device.

If it fell, if too much pigment is detected on the engine, if the engine slips, self-repair or when the handpiece is opened, which can just arise if the customer handles it incorrectly. 

A. If the handpiece is broken within 3 months, customers receive a new handpiece.

B. If the handpiece is broken after the 3 months within the 2 year warranty, customers may receive a replacement handpiece (if one is available, if not 30-90 business days would need to be allocated for repair).

C. If the handpiece is broken after the 2 years warranty, customers can choose to pay $495.00 per handpiece repair or $595.00 for device repair. Customers can opt to have repair fee waived all together if they purchase a new handpiece or device.

In the case that the repair takes longer than 30-90 business days a refurbished handpiece/device will be sent in its place to client. The client can Opt. out of the waiting time and receive a refurbished handpiece in its place if company has one available to replace.


Email: for any questions regarding warranty.