I’m looking to start a career in permanent cosmetics, what should I look for in a class?

First thing, you want to make sure the school shows great communication with you. As their student, the school needs to show interest in your needs and concerns. You want to make sure the class you choose has a complete curriculum that covers theory, hands on practice as well as supervised live procedures. The only way you will succeed in class and out in the real world will be with as much hands on experience as you can earn.

Can anyone learn permanent makeup?

Yes, anyone with the desire to learn permanent makeup is capable of learning. We have many students that join the academy with zero experience and leave with the confidence they need to get started.

A passion for success in this field, an artistic eye and experience in the beauty industry such as cosmetology, makeup artists, estheticians and nail technicians is ideal. 

However, we’ve seen highly successful technicians in PMU come from various backgrounds including architects, medical professionals, and corporate professionals with a creative side. A strong foundation in Fundamental training is the key to success.

*How much can I earn as a permanent makeup artist?

A permanent makeup artist is a lucrative career with high-profit margins.  For each procedure, you can keep 95% of the cost as profit. And as a Noveau Contour specialist, you can charge premium pricing. Many PMU artists that train with us make 6 figures and beyond.

*How is Nouveau Contour different than other Permanent Makeup Academies?

Nouveau Contour is one of the most globally recognized and renowned academies out there. We are a thought leader in Permanent makeup and are known for providing the highest quality education and devices on the market.

Unlike many other Permanent Makeup Academies, we are accredited by the CIE (Commission of Independent Education).

I don’t have a background in the theory of color, how do I know what color to choose?

In the fundamental course, will learn the theory of color, skin undertone and how it works with PMU. Nouveau Contour has a unique Color Identification System that takes the guesswork out of pigment color selection.

How many students are in each class?

We know the importance of individual instruction. For that reason, we maintain a small student to instructor ratio. For our practical training, we have 4 students and 2 instructors.

How long do the courses take?

All basic courses can be completed in a week. After this course, you will have mastered all the basic techniques and you can start performing permanent make-up in your practice or studio. 

When do classes begin? 

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Can I expand the possibilities in permanent make-up treatments?

After completing the fundamental course and you have mastered all the basic techniques, you can add advanced techniques by attending advance trainings. 

With these one-day trainings you can expand the treatments you offer to your clients, like hair stroke technique for eyebrows, designer and shaded eyeliners, shaded and full lips, hybrid techniques, areola micropigmentation and scar derma pigmentation. 

We also have VIP classes taught by some of the top instructors in the world.

What is included in tuition?

With your tuition for in-person classes, you have exclusive access to train on our German-made quality devices and equipment. This also gives you the opportunity to test out the different devices before purchasing.

Some of our courses also include hotel accommodations and dinner each night of your training.

You will be responsible for airfare and any miscellaneous expenses incurred, such as taxi fare, tips, food, etc.

Do I have to buy any equipment before getting started?

No, but there are course options that are bundled with a device if you already know which device you’d like to purchase.

What support is offered to alumni after graduation?

After you graduate, our academy offers additional follow-up coaching. We also have an alumni forum and a yearly USA Conference available to help alumni build their business and skill level.

What are the perks of becoming a Nouveau Contour Partner?

Becoming a partner is an excellent way to add another profitable income stream to your business. When you become a Nouveau Contour Partner, you’ll have the opportunity to purchase our German-made quality devices and equipment wholesale.

If you want to take your earning potential a step further, you can also purchase our curriculum and become an exclusive Nouveau Contour trainer.

There are several devices, which one do I choose?

Depending on what treatments you want to offer to your clients we can advise which one is right for you. Many of our students prefer to wait to purchase their device until they get to class and try each of them.

What do I wear to class?

We ask that you wear black scrubs and closed-toe shoes. If you have long hair, please make sure you have a way to pull it back.

What time is class?

Fundamental Classes are daily from 8:00 am – 7:15 pm. You will have two 10-minute breaks and 1/2-hour break for lunch. Dinner is provided each evening.

What is the address?

7087 Grand National Drive

What hotels are nearby?

Located in the Epicenter of Orlando not far from the Academy are several hotels as well as many wonderful restaurants in the downtown area. If you reside outside the Orlando area, and you book your Fundamental Class your tuition will include 5 night’s accommodations at a hotel in Orlando. The hotel may offer complimentary shuttle/Uber or Lyft service to the Nouveau Contour Academy.

Your 5-night stay will begin the Sunday before class starts through Thursday night.

You will be responsible for airfare and any miscellaneous expenses incurred, such as taxi fare from airport, tips, food, etc.