Derma Fundamental Training - Medical Micropigmentation


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Make the world of difference for your client! Complete the work of a surgeon’s with the latest 3D derma pigmentation techniques.


Day 1: Theory - Practice and color (for fundamental students)

  • Color- layering and shading
  • Needle & pigment knowledge

Day 2: 3D Areola Pigmentation after breast reconstruction

Day 3: Cosmetic Areola Pigmentation

Day 4: Scar Camouflage Pigmentation

Day 5: Hairline/Scalp Pigmentation (Coming Soon)

Practice training on practice pads or practice training on models (depending on the availability of models, otherwise there will be practiced on life like molds.)

Total Class Tuition – $5,495 + $150 (One-Time) Registration Fee. Hotel, Meal, and all course material included for a Limited Time Only!*

After successfully completing Medical Breast Cancer Pigmentation, Cosmetic Areola Pigmentation, or Hairline Pigmentation, you will receive a certificate that validates your skills in this field of derma pigmentation. 




 $150.00 non-refundable registration fee must be added to cart in order to reserve your spot!

*All NC students are charged a one-time non-refundable registration fee which is good for any class taken at the NC Academy. 

Dates are subject to change. A student will not be actively enrolled until all required documents are received in a timely manner.


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