Power Pro Handpiece



Power to the pro’s! This hand piece goes deeper than the rest and is recommended for our more advanced technicians! 

It is a shorter and very lightweight handpiece. Ergonomically shaped and with a minimum vibration the Power Pro is a dream to work with. This powerful handpiece let needles go in and out of the skin at the highest speed for the fastest and smoothest pigment implementation ever. Gaining time and money!

Due to the 2.5 mm compared to our digital safety handpiece at 1.5mm depth, the needle stroke length within the needle cartridge, the pigment implantation is optimized and efficient. The desired needle length is easily set with the handpiece’s precision scale.


Excellent for hair strokes, lining techniques and shading techniques (ombré, powder, pixel etc). The Power Pro handpiece allows you to reach the best results, in less time! There are 15 needle configurations available: modular cartridges with safety membrane and anti-slip grip.  

Quick facts:

• Precise & powerful

• Short & lightweight

• Ergonomically shaped

• Minimum vibration

• Efficient & fast implementation

• 2.5 mm needle stroke length 

• Smooth pigment implantation

• Precision scale for needle length and stroke located at back of handpiece

• One revolution around the mark of the scale results in a change of ± 0,1 MM to the needle protrusion depth depending on the direction of the rotation

• 15 needle configurations

• Reach the best results, in less time!

• Made in Germany

• Meets the requirements of medical classification

• Compatible with our iQ and Smart devices

• Excellent for hair strokes, lining- and shading techniques