The Leading Innovators in Permanent Make up Training and Devices since 1997

Nouveau Contour was founded in 1997, and we have been leading the way in permanent make up ever since. We are a European brand and our global headquarters is located in The Netherlands. Our high-quality education, equipment, needles, and pigments are truly unmatched.

That’s why Nouveau Contour remains the #1 brand in quality when it comes to micropigmentation in all countries where our products and devices are distributed. 



Not only are we Masters in Micropigmentation, Nouveau Contour is the premier global manufacturer of professional micropigmentation products. Established in 1993, Nouveau Contour was the first to introduce the digital micropigmentation device. 

Production and Fulfillment, are separately located at our Global Logistics Center. To better serve the North American market, Nouveau Contour opened its US headquarters in Orlando, Florida in 2009.


Our State-of-the-Art Training Facility

The Nouveau Contour USA Academy is accredited by the Commission for Independent Education (CIE) and is renowned for its top-rated training courses with a state-of-the-art technology. They are located in the beautiful city of Orlando, FL. In the classroom, students have exclusive access to train on the highest quality German-made equipment and devices. The tools for success; device, needles, pigments, and more, are also available to purchase.

Students graduate from our academy as capable, knowledgable, and motivated professionals. They leave feeling equipped and empowered — confident they have everything they need to succeed!

All courses are taught utilizing Nouveau Contour devices and curriculum. You are not required to purchase a Nouveau Contour device. However, the Academy will provide you with our latest machines such as the Sharp (starter) Smart, or IQ to use in class for the duration of your training.


At Nouveau, success is your hands!

Become a Nouveau Contour authority today!