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At the Nouveau Contour Academy, we have Basic also known as Fundamental, Advanced and Focus Training classes, available to improve your skills, learn new techniques, evolve as a professional, and offer more diverse treatments to your clients. These series of training will broaden your knowledge, strengthen your talent and most importantly, expand your business. 

This is a $150.00 one-time nonrefundable registration fee that must be added to cart in order to reserve your spot!

*All NC students are charged a one-time nonrefundable registration fee which is good for any classes taken at the NC Academy (pay it once and never again for any and all classes taken here). Licenses, permits, paperwork, etc have to be issued for instructors, speakers, students per class. This fee allows for all administrative cost to be covered.

Receive 10% off Advance/Master Training when registering for the entire 5 series of Advance courses.  Limited Time Only* 


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