Fine Line Tattoo- 2 day Training


- Ideal class for PMU artists looking to increase income by adding more services to their business.

- Unleash your creativity and have fun in the process.

- Tiny tattoos take less time than doing eyebrows, lips or eyeliner.

- A high demand service.

- Continuous support after taking our course.

- One of the few in person fine line tattoo classes available.


In the training you will learn to apply fine line tattoos, you can easily make back your investment in just a few sessions. When you complete the training, you will receive a certificate to demonstrate your new skills and gain a step up in your career. At the start of the 2-day training you will receive a starter package containing all the items you need to get started right away. 


Tiny Tattoos are easy for PMU artists to learn

You’re already using a PMU machine to apply permanent makeup. You already have skilled and steady hands, and you already know skin anatomy and best practices for aftercare. All of these skills carry over into Tiny Tattoos. You already have a customer base and with adding this new service you also attract new customers.


Recurring sales

Tiny Tattoos can also keep your customers coming back. While each customer only has one set of eyebrows for micropigmentation, for example, they have an infinite canvas for Tiny Tattoos.

Many Tiny Tattoos take about 30-40 minutes to fully apply, depending on the complexity of the design. Most clients will want minimalist designs. With such short sessions, you can serve more clients in a workday and get them in and out of your studio quickly.

Note: The Nouveau Contour fine line tattoo training is especially for PMU artists. If you don’t have a PMU certification yet, you need to attend a general theory day in the all-round or brow course first.




Fine Lines Tattoo training


Day 1

- Intro Fine Line Tattoo

- Anatomy of the skin

- Contraindications before tattoing

- Understanding your tools

- Achieving nice, healed results

- Tattoo designing

- Tattoo Placement

- Transfering your design to the skin

- Hand movements for lining.

- Step-by-step procedure

- Healing and aftercare

- Hands on practice transfering a design to stencil paper.

- Hands on practice transfering a stencil to the skin.

- Hand coordination exercises.


Day 2

- More hand coordination exercises.

- Hands on practice on fruits and fake skin.

- Station set up & breakdown.

- Hands on with a live model.