Fundamental Training

Day 1: Theory | Day 2: Theory Practice | Day 3: Brows | Day 4: Eyeliner | Day 5: Lips | Day 6: Virtual Training  (Includes Hotel – limited time only) 

Brow Fundamental Training

Day 1: Theory | Day 2: Symmetry & Practice | Day 3: Fashion Powder Brows | Day 4: Hairstrokes with Digital Microblading | Day 5: Hybrid Brows with Microblading and Machine | Day 6: Virtual Training (Includes Hotel – limited time only)

Advance Training

Master Training consists of Lips, Eyeliner, Brow Hair Strokes, Fashion Powder Brows, and Hybrid Pigmentation. Book 3 or more days, receive 10% off tuition.

Day 1: Advanced Brow Hair Strokes | Day 2: Advanced Fashion Powder Brows| Day 3: Advanced Hybrid Pigmentation | Day 4: Advanced Designer Eyeliner | Day 5: Advanced Ombre Lip


Take all 5 days, receive 10% off tuition

Dermapigmentation consists of Cosmetic Areola, Areola Pigmentation for Women after Breast Cancer, and Scar Camouflage.

Day 1: Cosmetic Areola | Day 2: Areola Pigmentation for Women after Breast Cancer  | Day 3: Scar Camouflage | Day 4: Hairlines | Day 5: Scalp 

Focus Classes

Color Theory, Needles and Techniques, Brow Symmetry, Coaching, and Successful Salon Marketing.

VIP Expert Training

2-day class learning a unique technique created and taught by a micropigmentation expert.

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For each program- The following curriculum schedule is the same year round:


Licensing and Accrediting Agencies

Nouveau Contour Academy is licensed by the Commission for Independent Education (CIE) Florida Department of Education and has met the requirements of the Commission for Independent Education to operate a nonpublic postsecondary school/college in the state of Florida.