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SHARP Device

SKU: D-10300


Meet Nouveau Contour Sharp, our affordable luxury device. Because of its surprisingly low price tag, the Sharp is the entry level device in the Nouveau Contour family with reliable Nouveau Contour quality! Plus, the needles for the Sharp are competitively priced. This keeps the cost of your treatment low and your profit margin high.

 The Sharp is lightweight, portable and beloved for its powerful performance, size, capacity and price. It is compact, very silent and one of the least vibrating machines in the market. Excellent quality at great value for money and made in Europe.

Operating with the highest safety and precision possible, all advanced PMU procedures and techniques can be performed. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, the Sharp with its exclusively designed handpiece is slim and easy to work with.

Work with confidence, join the leading brand in the professional PMU industry. Meet the new entry level device of the Nouveau Contour family. Shop now!

Safety Hand Piece

The Sharp comes standard with the Safety handpiece. The handpiece is equipped with a patented Safety Needle Cartridge. The quality and stability of the handpiece will be instantly noticeable. The unique ‘Easy-Turn Depth’ system allows you to easily set the needle depth by simply turning the ring on the handpiece. The needle length can be set in fractions of millimeters, depending on the skin type and selected treatment technique. The handpiece is made of die cast aluminum and is extremely light for comfort.

Power and Precision for Permanent Cosmetic and Medical Applications

  • Compact device
  • Minimalistic Design
  • Hygienic screen with embedded buttons (similar to a touch screen)
  • 70-150 needle inserts p/sec
  •  Ultra precise 
  • For all micropigmentation procedures


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