Lash Lift & Tint (1 Day)


DATE: MARCH 29TH, 2023

During this course you will, learn how to perform professional LAH LIFT and TINT treatment.

You will learn:

General information of the natural lashes;
Indications and contraindications;
Standards of Practice;
Eyelash Procedure;

Lash Lift, firstly, as the name suggests, it is literally “lifting  of the eye lashes”

It is a technique to lengthen your client's natural eyelashes with a curving effect.

The Lift lasts about four to six weeks.

The tecnique, it nourishes the eyelashes as long as it is done properly respecting time and indication.

*This course will practiced on live models; Depending on availability of models, otherwise there will be practiced on life like molds.


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