Make the world of difference for your client! Complete the work of surgeon’s with the latest 3D dermapigmentation techniques.


Nouveau Contour Master Academy Training Program: Our master educators offer the best available and extensive training program for starters and professionals. Learn the technique which fits you best: get up-to-date and skilled in the extensive possibilities of micropigmentation. The objective of these procedures is to raise self esteem, self confidence, allow for a more active lifestyle, personal freedom, as well as saving time. No matter what technique you choose, Nouveau Contour is the best choice! After succeeding, you will be certified in Medical Breast Cancer Pigmentation, Cosmetic Areola Pigmentation, Hairline Pigmentation, Scar Camouflage.

Designed and taught by instructors who are experts in their fields, our courses cultivate the professional methods, skills, norms, and intellectual habits of each technique.

Schedule* :


  • Day 1: Theory - Theory (for fundamental students)
  • Day 2: • 3D areola pigmentation after breast reconstruction
  • Day 3:. Cosmetic Areola
  • Day 4: Scar Pigmentation
  • Day 5: Hairline Pigmentation
  • Day 6: Web-based or Virtual Training (Offsite):

         -Making a Business Plan
         -Online & Offline Marketing for technicians
         -How to Create your own success
         -Technician tools and where to order
         -Permanent makeup Insurance & Organizations
         -Technical follow-up Questions & Scenarios

Our curriculum goes well beyond the norm of satisfying standards at our accrediting commissioner. After successfully completing the Brow Basic or Fundamental Training, you can immediately start your career in micropigmentation. We offer three types of basic training: All-Around Micropigmentation, Brow Fundamental, and Derma Fundamental.

*Schedule subject to change.