Lip Pigments



Introducing our new Fusion and Organic lip line of pigments! 

The Fusion pigments are bright, intense colors and excellent pigment retention

The Fusion line combines organic and inorganic ingredients in an

innovative pigment formula.


The advantage of the inorganic component is that the pigments

remain very stable in the skin. The safe iron-oxides meet all

stringent international regulations regarding nickel impurities.

These carefully selected iron-oxides will give you the extra

boost of nearly immediate real life color in the skin, intense

color saturation and optimal color retention, therefore nearly

eliminating touch-up procedures.


The organic component -free from iron oxides- ensures the clear

color and good pigment retention. After healing, the colors are

bright, extremely soft and very natural.


Application: Lips


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*The maximum quantity you can order for this product is 5.