Imagine yourself taking on your very first clients on your very first permanent makeup course. How many questions are rushing through your head?? At that point, don’t you wish you could reach your instructor with the push of a button?? Well, Nouveau Contour has the App just for YOU. As a Fundamental or Advanced student you will now have access to The Connect App.


The Connect App can be downloaded on your phone through the App Store by searching “Nouveau Contour Connect”. Simply create an account, select the course you attended and start posting. It's the a channel for open communication.


Under the documents section you will find important handouts such as the model consent form (which you can use at your own studios), pigment and needle brochures. Videos are also available on the app, you will find refresher videos on topics such as proper stretching, proper sanitation and step by step procedures.


Once you are set up with an account make sure to post and let us know which class you attended, how helpful you are finding the information provided as well as what content you want to see more of.


18 febrero 2020 — Cristina Pina

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