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VIP Training – Linda Paradis Magnetic PMU Tattoo Removal


Product Details

VIP Class: Linda Paradis – $2,000 + $150 (One-Time) Registration Fee

This is a 2-Day VIP Class instructed by expert Linda Paradis The 2-day class will consist of the theory and practice of Linda Paradis's unique method – Revolutionary Ink Removal. This unique tattoo removal method is performed without using a laser or the micro-needling on the skin just by the concept of magnetic needle 88RS, and a solution with basic PH 8.5 without causing any inflammation or scars on the skin.

Students will have the opportunity to work with state of the art Nouveau Contour Intelligent Devices and her patented Tattoo Remoov needles on practice skins and LIVE MODELS.

Linda Paradis' Tattoo Remoov handpiece not included in training. Power source for handpiece used is only the Nouveau Contour Intelligent device. Subject to change* 

Linda Paradis is a Demographist and international trainer in Dermopigmentation since 1996. She is the first international leader to develop and launch a safe and non-invasive technique for tattoo removals. This miraculous procedure is marketed as an alternative to laser tattoo removals and surgical excisions.

As a highly reputable and assiduous leader within the tattoo removal industry, Linda Paradis explores the world in search of exclusivity and innovation, putting her customers’ satisfaction and safety first. With this as a driving factor, Linda continues to help her clients achieve their desired goals of removing unwanted permanent makeup or body art with her remarkable tattoo removal technique. She obtained the Oscar of Innovation Award in 2004 at the Mondial Beauté in Paris and the charter for the quality and ongoing importance of her work.

As a recognized leader in the tattoo removal industry, Linda provides professional trainings and speaks at conferences worldwide for the Non-laser INK removal technique: The most effective procedure in the world for PMU  & body tattoo. Please check out Instagram!

VIP- 2 Days Training Class on PMU Tattoo Removal

Breakfast and lunch provided both days!


9:30 Welcome coffee

10:00 Introduction

10:30 - 12:00 Theory part I ( Tattoo history, skin types, layers of skin, different pigments, description of cartridge 88, Tattoo Remoov 88 techniques,...Video presentation,  open questions)

12:00 - 12:30  Coffee Break

12:30 - 2:30 Theory part II ( Pauli principle,  characteristics of Tattoo Remoov 88, aftercare, ... open question)

2:30 - 3:30  Lunch

3:30 - 5 Theory part III ( Tattoo Remoov concept, characteristics of Tattoo Remoov 88, aftercare, the difference between Tattoo Remoov, laser and Acid in tattoo removal industry, ... open question)

5 - 5:30   Coffee Break

5:30 - 7:00 Theory part IV (  Before / After with tattoo Remoov 88, videos demonstration on PMU tattoo removal question)


DAY 2  


  • Welcome coffee

10:30 - 2:30 

  • Live demonstration With Ms. Linda Paradis - 5 to 6 models possible* Depending on the availability of the models
  • Coffee break
  • Open question
  • Presentation the certificates to participants

12:30 - 1:30  

  • Lunch Time

3:30 - 7

  • Participants train on Bananas
  • Coffee break
  • Open question





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