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VIP Class: Rose Marie Beauchemin– $1,850 + $150 (One-Time) Registration Fee

Train with expert Rose Marie Beauchemin in Orlando, Florida
During this 2-day class, students will learn Pigment Removal and Color Correction utilizing Rose Marie’s Pigment Removal technique. Students will have the opportunity to work with state of the art Nouveau Contour Devices and needles on practice skins.

Breakfast and Lunch included!

The 2-day VIP Class will consist of:

Day 1 – Pigment Removal
Day 2 – Color Correction

Day 1 Morning Session

You Will Learn:

  • The science behind various removal techniques.
  • Needle selection for effective pigment removal.
  • The safest technique. How deep is too deep?
  • How to decide which is first; color removal or color correction when your client needs both?
  • Brow designs for incorporating previous unsightly work
  • Step by step presentation on cases that required both removal and correction.
  • Practice the removal technique on a practice pad

Afternoon Session

  • See live model demonstrations of pigment removal
  • How to create a fee schedule for color correcting and color removal.

Day 2 Morning Session

  • The Science of Color Correction made SIMPLE!!!
  • Principles of needle depth and penetration.
  • Comprehensive Presentation
  • Learn color correction like never before! No more guessing or worrying about getting it right!
  • Color Mixing for Color Correction…using actual pigments, use or mix the correct formula for each correction.

Afternoon Session

  • Needle Selection and Machine Speed for Color Corrections
  • See live model demonstrations of color correction.
  • Quiz on color correction formulas

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