Brow Fundamental Training - Micropigmentation + Microblading


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Micropigmentation + Microblading (Brows Only) Fundamental Training

Brows are hot! Go straight to your goal and learn all about the most popular procedure in permanent makeup. The most sought-after technique and suitable for all skin types.

Day 1: Theory

Day 2: Brow Symmetry - Practical Step by Step

Day 3: Shaded brow and/or Hair-strokes Practice - Microblading and Device Practice

Day 4: Hairstrokes - Microblading and Device Practice

Day 5: Hybrid Technique Practice - Microblading and Device Practice

In this 5-day course you will be able to achieve:

  • Natural shaded brows
  • 3D Hairstroke brows 
  • Advanced brow techniques
  • Brow symmetry
  • Needle & pigment knowledge
  • Practice training on practice pads
  • Practice training on models
  • Learn different brow techniques with a digital and/or manual hand tool
  • Learn real-life scenarios on when to use a digital device or a hand tool


Recommended Add-On Course:

Day 6: (optional) Learn basic eyeliner and as an extra service to your menu!

Total Class Tuition – $5,495 + $150 (One-Time) Registration Fee. Hotel, Meal, and all course material included For A Limited Time Only!

After completion, you will now have the status of ‘Eyebrow Specialist’.


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